The Green Family|Family Session|Guam

When I first met Brittney and her cute family, it was to capture her sons first birthday. I instantly fell in love this this handson little man! So when we discussed a family session before they left island, I was more than happy to get them scheduled. 

Guam has beautiful beaches, but when you have lived here for 3+ years, you kinda want to branch out and do other locations. She expressed that she wanted something with a bit more greenery, and I love mixing it up so I went location scouting. I found this little area that had a huge tree that cast losts of shade so we were not in direct sunlight. It could not have been more perfect for their little family.

Their family session was so much fun. I love working with families that have children in the stage where they are discovering things around them and just want to roam around, so thats exactly what we let her son do, and while he was exploring(of course close by, not like playing in the streets) I was able to not only capture him enjoying himself by discovering the new location he was in, but also snapped a few of mom and dad. I always try to make sure that I get some of the parents alone, because its always the mother or the father taking pictures at events, so how often do they get pictures together without the kiddos. 

Its always sad knowing that the pictures I take of a family will be their last set on Guam, but at the same time I am always so excited for the new adventures that every family is about to embark on. So while I am sad to see this family leave, I am very excited(and slightly jealous of their new location).  

But something that they can take with them is the memory and photographs they had while on Guam as their little family grew. 

Nikki and Andrew|Tarague Beach|Guam Couples Photographer

The first session of 2017 I feel like is something that sets the mood for the rest of the year, its like a peak into the future of how amazing the year will be. What makes this feeling even greater is when you have a couple who is truly, madly, deeply in love with each other.. and let me just say it showed <3 

Nikki contacted me back in 2016 to set up a couples session with her and her husband, we talked outfits, locations and all the necessary things to make sure that their session was a success. We decided on Tarague Beach here on Guam. It is one of my favorite beaches for sessions. 

Right off the bat, these two had no problem being close in front of the camera. If you have worked with me in the past, you know I always say "get closer to each other". This was not a problem for these two at all. As they held each other close, they nuzzled into each other making the intimate shots absolutely breath taking. Andrew would look at Nikki in between the different shots or kiss her without me cueing it, and let me just say, I am so glad that I am shutter happy. Capturing the way he looked at her was truly amazing. 

They truly make my job so easy <3

Showing Andrew and Nikki their pictures for the first time was so rewarding to me, while editing their session, I kept thinking to myself how I could not pick a favorite and I hope that they would love them just as equally. While showing them their slide show of images, they both sat in "awe", amazed how their session turned out. That is one of the reasons I love doing gallery reveals, because I love to see the way people react to their images, and how much they love them. It makes what I do that much more worth it to me. 


A Review on 2016

2016, where to begin with you...

I started 2016 off buried under mounds of school work that I thought would never end(22 credit hours my last semester to be exact), a growing business and a deployed husband. Having your husband gone is alot to deal with already because he's the one who does all the work I dont want to do around the house ;) Then add school and work to it, its a miracle I didnt pull a Britney of 2007, just kidding.. kinda. What kept me sane was staying positive, having a goal in mind and sticking to it, and a WHOLE LOT OF COFFEE, after all, I had alot to look forward to in 2016 I just needed to stay focused.

January through May was quite interesting juggling back to back sessions and quick 8 week classes to get done on time. I did manage to keep the dogs alive and the grass mowed through it all so that right there is an accomplishment.

In May I graduated with a degree in Social Science, walked across the stage and never felt more proud of myself. I gained a new form of self confidence. All the papers, all the studying of why people are the way they are and the way they interact in society paid off and I could finally call myself a college graduate(next goal Masters degree but that shall wait). 

Right after graduation I headed north to Japan to see my husband that had been gone since November. It was bitter sweet. We traveled around the neighborhoods of Tokyo and Yokohama, and made the best out of the 5 days I had there. Let me just say, I love Japan. I love the culture, the architecture, I love the people, I love the food, and would go back in a heart beat to explore more and Im really sad I didn't give myself more time there. The people of Japan are incredibly nice. I was in a train station during rush hour in Tokyo about to cry because I had NO IDEA which direction to go and out of no where, someone asked if I needed help and showed me to the train. The kindness and humbleness of the Japanese people is incredible which is why I would go back. So my advise, if you can go to Japan, GO!

Half way through the year, and already so much had happened. Graduation-Check. Go to Japan-Check. Jacob's homecoming-check. Now we were finally together and able to spend some quality time together. We spent our 3rd Anniversary getting dive certified. If you're living on Guam and you're not dive certified, you're not living. Unless you have an extreme fear of the water, then I understand, but you're completely missing a whole different world under there. My husband now plans his entire weekends around diving, but of course weekends are when I book the most sessions so he's quickly surpassed me. 

August through December was eventful. I turned 26, and then the Holiday Season began. Note to self-start sessions early for Christmas specials. But I survived! We celebrated our first Christmas together by taking a week trip to Saipan and diving the beautiful waters. If I thought Guam was small, Saipan is even smaller but has so much to offer. The diving was incredible, and when we were not in the water we were exploring some of the most historic spots of WW2 that occurred on Saipan. We went to The Last Japanese Outpost, Suicide and Banzai Cliff, saw Bird Island, Kalabera Cave and the Grotto. The diving though was by far my favorite. We got up close and personal with a few White Tip Sharks and Eagle Ray's, oh and of course some turtles! It was the best way to spend Christmas! 

In between all the regular life, I still continued to grow my business. In total I counted over 150 sessions. If you're a photographer and reading this, you're probably having a mini stroke at the amount of stress and editing that it was! And believe me it was intense, but I didn't really feel the effects until it was that "slow period" that happens every few months. I worked my little butt off, but something positive that came out of it was learning my style and finding where my heart is when it comes to photography. There are some photographers who do it all, and I realize that my heart isn't in every genre of photography, and that is ok! I want to be able to make perfect or close to perfect the art that I make. If you're making a living out of the creative arts, you must LOVE every aspect of what you do or you will not be successful. I found the areas that I loved and that is where I shine as a photographer. I was able to get my editing style down pat, and become more in tune with what I expect from myself during each session. I am looking forward to 2017 in so many different ways. I plan to NOT book as much, give more time to my clients and help them see the value of their investment. I need to also put my creative concepts into play more! This is something I didn't have time to do in 2016 because I booked so much back to back. I really think that even though 2016 was such an amazing year for my business, I really plan on in 2017 to enhance everything, to not be afraid and to really push my artistic abilities as a photographer. 

So to wrap up this year, its been a good one. I call it the year of growth and strength and I certainly can not wait to see where 2017 takes me in not only my personal life but behind the camera as well. My resolutions are not only to make 2017 a better version of 2016, but to remember to take some time out for myself, sit on the beach and enjoy a good book every now and then. I had a lot on my plate in 2016, so Im looking forward to 2017 being a bit more relaxed(hopefully). 

(so many sessions made this collection of images quite small. Doesn't even cover half of what I did in 2016)

Ella|Maternity at Leo's Palace

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Ella, who contact a photographer to document a beautiful time in her life....

Ella's maternity session was nothing less than enchanting.

Our original plan of a sunset session, turned into an indoor session at Leo's Palace. With the possibility of rain quickly approaching our scheduled time together, we made the decision to move in indoors. I am so glad that we did. I have never worked inside at a hotel before but was eager for the opportunity, and thankfully Ella agreed. Infact she said she loved the idea and it matched the design of her gown since it was a Tiffany Blue lace dress. 

We moved our way around the hotel from inside to outside because of course, it didnt end up raining. When I showed her an image on the back of the camera, her reply was that she felt like a princess. That made me feel estatic. Between the glowing mother to be, the stairway, the marble fixtures, a grand ball room that we snuck into really quickly to get a few shots infront of the sheer curtains and the tree covered path outside, it left us with a diverse session full of beautiful images. 

A huge thank you to Leo's Palace for letting me use their hotel as my location for the day. It could not have been more perfect.



Backyard Adventures

Macro Monday anyone? Ok, maybe it wont start trending but I thought it sounded cool. 

Lately, like most people who work in creative arts, sometimes we go through periods of times where we are stumped. Everything is repetitive, and we are desperately looking for new concepts to bust out of the slump and find that little bit of sparkle that makes us remember why we love what we do so much. 

To switch things up a bit, I put on my macro lens and went to town. Actually, I went to my backyard to see what all I could find that made my ordinary backyard become a macro wonderland of amazing details that I look past each day. What I saw was nothing less than extraordinary. Its amazing what you can see when you open up your eyes, or lens to really take in what surrounds you every day and how truly beautiful this world can be. We overlook so much that is around us that nature has created, the curves and colors, the tiny movements and details that are so minute that we tend to walk past every day without a second look.  

These shots were challenging which made me want them even more. Some subjects were moving, others I had to deal with movement from the wind. I had to stay squatted for a few minutes at the angle I wanted while waiting for the right moment to happen when my focus point became clear.. then snap snap snap. Its the challenge that makes it great and rewarding. Some people deal with creative road blocks differently, but I find that I strive more when I do something that is challenging, and makes me work for it. It took me a few days longer than expected to put this blog together, as I was organizing what I would include, I kept going back out and thinking to myself, "oh that would look great with this one shot", and continued that pattern until I felt like I had what I needed.

Am I out of my creative roadblock, eh, maybe.. maybe not. But I will say that my perception has changed, to stop and really SEE what is around me. My backyard is actually quite plain, but when you look up close, there's so much beauty that meets the eye. 

Note to my neighbors: If Ive weirded you out the past few days walking around the yard with a big camera strapped to me, I hope this cleared up that question of 'what the hell is she doing' thoughts. I promise Im not that strange, just looking at the finer details in life :)





Audrey and Jason|Engagement Session|Tarague Beach

"Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite"

Audrey and Jason met the day Audrey landed on this beautiful island. From that moment on, they have been together in one way or another ever since. Their love grew from a friendship into the sweetest and purest love that it is now. They share the love of travel and have been on countless adventures together, and about to embark on the biggest adventure of their life. 

"He is sweet and smart, everything I want in a man"- This is what Audrey told me when I asked about her and Jason, how they met and what led to their engagement. It is quite obvious that they are totally in love. The way they look at each other, there is no denying the sparks. 

Jason proposed to Audrey at Two Lovers Point on October 4th, 2016 and it wasnt long after that Audrey contacted me to do an engagement session. She expressed being nervous about the session(totally normal, even I become awkward sometimes when having my picture taken), but you couldnt tell as I photographed her and Jason together. They were so natural with each other. When I asked them to kiss, they kissed without hesitation, held each other close and didnt want to let go. 

We did their engagement session at Tarague beach, and it could not have been more perfect. At the end of the session, I took a chance and asked if they wanted to get into the water, and thankfully they agreed. I have had my eyes on a little spot for a while now, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to see if we could get some gorgeous images. Thankfully they entertained my idea and it was nothing less than magical.