Genevieve|6 month milestone session

One of the reasons I tell people that I got into photography is for the building of relationships, and capturing moments that can describe so much. I love being able to look back on my pictures and not only see how I have grown as photographer but also how my clients have grown. I believe that the pictures I take are so much more than just pictures(or I like to think so at least). I think that they are moments that you'll remember and look on and think to yourself "in this moment I felt______(insert sappy emotion)"

Genevieve is, and will always be a very special baby to me. Not only is she a rainbow baby, she was the very first baby I was to witness being born... ever! Like ever, ever. That really planted an impression on my heart to get to know her family, and now here we are 6 months later and Im photographing this little spit fire full of personality.

Its sessions like these that I know I can look back on and be proud to know that I took those pictures.