Nikki and Andrew|Tarague Beach|Guam Couples Photographer

The first session of 2017 I feel like is something that sets the mood for the rest of the year, its like a peak into the future of how amazing the year will be. What makes this feeling even greater is when you have a couple who is truly, madly, deeply in love with each other.. and let me just say it showed <3 

Nikki contacted me back in 2016 to set up a couples session with her and her husband, we talked outfits, locations and all the necessary things to make sure that their session was a success. We decided on Tarague Beach here on Guam. It is one of my favorite beaches for sessions. 

Right off the bat, these two had no problem being close in front of the camera. If you have worked with me in the past, you know I always say "get closer to each other". This was not a problem for these two at all. As they held each other close, they nuzzled into each other making the intimate shots absolutely breath taking. Andrew would look at Nikki in between the different shots or kiss her without me cueing it, and let me just say, I am so glad that I am shutter happy. Capturing the way he looked at her was truly amazing. 

They truly make my job so easy <3

Showing Andrew and Nikki their pictures for the first time was so rewarding to me, while editing their session, I kept thinking to myself how I could not pick a favorite and I hope that they would love them just as equally. While showing them their slide show of images, they both sat in "awe", amazed how their session turned out. That is one of the reasons I love doing gallery reveals, because I love to see the way people react to their images, and how much they love them. It makes what I do that much more worth it to me. 


Kayla & Johnny|Maternity at Gab Gab

I know I have said many times how much I adore maternity sessions. There is just something about them that make my heart flutter and feel all warm and fuzzy inside as I edit them. Maybe its knowing that expecting mommas get a new perspective on how beautiful they look pregnant, or maybe its preserving the love that shines throught the camera as two people await the arrival of their little bundle, whatever it is, I think they are lovely.  And of course,  Kayla and her husband Johnny are no different. 

As they await the arrival of their little one (whom I thought was a girl, and when they revealed the name which was clearly a boy name I was confused until I figured out it was a boy, talk about being embarassed), you can tell that they are super excited and anxious to meet him. Any time I asked them to look down at the beautiful baby bump, their smiles revealed what was nothing but pure happiness and joy. 


Molly & Peter|Anni Powell Photography

Upon meeting Molly and Peter at our location, I could instantly tell that they were going to be a fun couple to work with. Molly and I had emailed back and forth about their session, discussed dress attire, shared Pinterest boards for ideas, locations, and if it was ok for them to bring their furbaby Penny. When families ask if they can bring their furbabies, I always say yes! 

Our location which was Sirena Beach, was a bit cloudy than the normal, but this is my favorite location.. as you can tell from the majority of my images. It is rainy season here still on Guam, so the overcast skies are the normal this time of year, and I cant complain because I actually dont mind a nice overcast sky on some occassions, and it seemed to fit for Molly and Peters couple session. 

One of my favorite things that I love when working with couples is having the one on one time with them to help preserve the love that they have for one another in the pictures that they take. As I was photographing Peter and Molly, it was quite clear that the love that they share for one another is genuine. Every time he kissed her, Molly's smile transformed into a smile that says, "Im in love with this man". Even looking through their images now, I can feel the love. The way he looked at her, and teh way she looked at him, pure bliss <3

Britney and Justin-Engagement

The way he looked at her, and the way she smiled back at him, I knew that they were totally in love. Or maybe it was the way they so naturally wrapped their arms around each other without hesitation, but whatever it was, it was obvious that the chemistry was there. When two people connect, you can feel it even when you don't know them. They said that they fell in love by accident, that at first it was just an ordinary friendship. But little did they know a fairytale was about to emerge from where they least expected it. Just a girl from Massachusetts, and a boy from North Carolina, both found each other on this little island we all call home. 

From the second that I met Britney and Justin, they were all laughs and giggles. Taking pictures, is not exactly fun for the guys, so I always try to make sure I keep their job as easy as possible. When I had him look at her, it was the look of love, and when she smiled at him it was electrifying. I always ask my clients to say something either something super silly or something provocative to get them to let out a real smile. And I'm not sure what it was that Justin said, but whatever it was it made Britney light up. My goal is to preserve that moment, so when they go back whether it be in 1 year or 10 years, they can look at that picture and be able to remember that feeling they felt at that exact moment in time.