Hi! Welcome to your investment page! 

Your session with Anni Powell Photography is an investment that you will treasure during your time here in the Pacific North West and after you leave this beautiful region. Let me help provide you with top quality images and wall art that will last a life time. 

Collections start at $375  

Inquiring about a military homecoming?! Ask about special pricing for homecomings!

Details of each session


During this time we will discuss what to wear, what to expect out of the session, and you at this time can express any concerns or shots you would like to make sure we can get. We will also go over the different collection to decide from as well so that you are prepared and can begin deciding on which collection best fits your needs. Consultations can be done through email, over the phone, or in person. I may ask that you take a picture of the wall you plan on displaying your images, then at your gallery reveal, we can scale the images to accuratley fit the space you will be using.  

Your Session

Your session is not timed, but normally takes about an hour to an hour and a half, this can vary depending on your session though. Outdoor sessions are booked about two hours before sunset to ensure the best lighting situations. Please be on time! Remember to bring a brush, hairspray, makeup or whatever else you may need. Parents with young kids, I do recommend to make sure they are fed, and have snacks on hand if they get fussy.  

After the Session

 You will be asked to come back in for a gallery reveal, which at this time you will be shown your edited image from your session for the first time and if you have not decided on a collection, you can do so at this time. Even digital only collections receive a gallery reveal, its such a fun experience to see all of your images for the first time, and I love being able to have that experience with you! 

Ordering Collections

You are not required at the time of booking to know which collection you want. Your retainer is applied to the final cost of your collection as well. If you order a larger collection, payment plans are arranged. You will not receive the final product, including digitals until the final payment is made. When your order is made, it will come to me and I will inspect it to make sure that everything is perfect. Once I see that, I will wrap it up and deliver it to you and its like its Christmas all over again!!!!